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Workplace injuries prove fatal for worker

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2019 | Workplace Injuries |

There is no doubt that all workplaces in California and across the country hold some risk of injury. Unfortunately, even relatively commonplace tasks, such as unloading a truck, can result in serious harm. In fact, a man in another state recently lost his life due to workplace injuries

The incident reportedly happened on a day in early November. Initial reports indicated that the time of the accident was unclear; however, the 47-year-old victim was discovered by co-workers who contacted rescue workers. The accident happened at Alexander’s Mobility Services.

According to reports, the man was attempting to unload a tractor-trailer. Particle boards were secured to the end of the trailer. The man is believed to have unsecured the boards in order to put them onto a forklift. Unfortunately, they fell on him, pinning him to the wall. He died at the scene.

The incident is under investigation by both local officials as well as the state’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration. While the investigation could potentially determine exactly what led up to the accident, this outcome will likely do little to help the man’s surviving family members cope with his unexpected loss. In addition to their grief, many families also struggle as a result of the financial ramifications. Fortunately, those in California who experience such a loss as a result of workplace injuries are sometimes entitled to workers’ compensation insurance benefits. Because many people feel unprepared to negotiate with an insurance company during their time of recovery, they often choose to ask an experienced attorney to guide them through the process.