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Tow truck driver suffers workplace injuries in accident

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2020 | Workplace Injuries |

For most people in California and across the country, being involved in a car accident — especially one on a busy interstate — is a stressful time, but it can be equally stressful for those responding to the accident. Often, those who respond to the accident, including police officers and tow truck drivers, are putting their lives at risk to help. Even though many states have laws in place requiring drivers to change lanes in response to flashing lights, some drivers do not do so, sometimes causing accidents that result in workplace injuries for those working on the side of the road.

In fact, a 31-year-old tow-truck driver in another state now faces a lengthy recovery following an accident on an interstate. Reports indicate that the cause of the accident is related to a driver who failed to move over in response to rescue workers. The incident happened on a day in March as a law enforcement and the tow-truck driver responded to an unrelated accident.

Reports regarding the incident accuse a 26-year-old driver of failing to move over as required by law and driving too fast for weather conditions. As a result, his vehicle reportedly ran off the road, causing an accident that pinned the tow-truck driver between a wall and a vehicle. Since the accident, the man is said to have undergone surgery for a broken neck and now faces a long road to recovery.

Unfortunately, workplace injuries such as those from which this victim is recovering can have serious physical and financial complications. Often, victims require extensive medical treatment that results in significant medical bills. These bills, in combination with lost wages as the victim is unable to work, can create financial concerns. Though California workers are often entitled to workers’ compensation insurance benefits, victims of such accidents are often unsure of the process, or unable to initiate it due to their injuries, prompting them to seek guidance from an experienced professional.