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Workplace accidents: Rehabilitation is always a goal

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2020 | Workplace Accidents |

When a California worker suffers an on-the-job injury, there is no way to predict how much time will be needed for a full recovery. Workplace accidents can cause partial or full permanent disability, which means that, in some cases, an injured employee may never be able to go back to work. Thankfully, that is not the way it happened for a young police officer in another state. 

The police officer was a rookie at the time a tragedy occurred on the job. He was responding to a motor vehicle collision. While carrying out his duties, the officer said that one minute he was assessing the scene, and the next, a car crashed into one of the police officers’ motorcycles, which then catapulted toward him. 

The last thing the officer remembers was flying through the air and coming down hard on the ground. He suffered numerous severe injuries, including multiple broken bones in the incident. One of his bones was said to have been broken in five places. 

The injured police officer had to take an entire year off work to recover. He recently celebrated his return to the workplace, where his superiors assigned him to desk duty for a short time to acclimate himself to the workplace again. He is now reportedly back on patrol and very happy about it. Workplace accidents often lead to workers’ compensation claims, which can be complex and stressful to navigate. An experienced California employment law attorney can provide support to any injured worker who needs help filing a claim.