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What are the biggest causes of falls at work?

On Behalf of | May 6, 2023 | Workplace Accidents |

Workplaces each have their own hazards. Even jobs with low risk rates have workplace hazards that a person cannot ignore.

Falls, for example, can happen at any place of employment and for a number of reasons. But what are the biggest sources of falls at work?

Uneven flooring

HASpod discusses the biggest causes of slips, trips and falls at work. Uneven flooring poses a major risk.

This risk comes in numerous forms. Some examples include warped wooden floors, uneven tiling, bunched-up carpet, or floors that suddenly go from one height to another without much visual cue or warning.

Spills or slick spots

Of course, wet, oily or otherwise slick spots can cause a major issue, too. Without traction, a person will slip no matter what.

This is a particular risk at jobs with a lot of traffic coming in from the outside, such as storefronts, restaurants and so on.

Inadequate warning for recently cleaned floors may also create a hazard in this category, as people can easily slip on the newly wet surface.

A messy workplace

Finally, messy workplaces often result in trip and fall injuries. This can include boxes, scattered piles of paperwork or supplies and misplaced furniture.

Wires also fall into this category. Today, many people utilize electronics that require plugs. When a workplace leaves its plugs out without any sense of organization, they create tripping hazards for people who may not see them, especially when they stretch out across the carpet.

Taking care of these risks can reduce fall incident potential by a good deal.