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Nursing: A dangerous job with painful consquences

You spend your days with patients who need your care and guidance. You're there when they need fluids, to eat or to get out of bed. You give them medications and make sure they're safely in bed for the night.

As a nurse, your job almost never ends. That makes it stressful and more likely that you'll get hurt on the job. In America, nursing is one of the most dangerous jobs due to the strain it places on workers.

Construction workers' accidents: Injuries on rail line project

Large and new construction projects require a significant amount of skilled workers. Some projects, such as the new High-Speed Rail in California, often require unusual and large-scale work. Despite best efforts to prevent them, construction workers' accidents are unfortunately bound to occur. Two workers recently suffered injuries while working on the rail project.

The accident occurred on the part of the rail line being completed near Highway 99 and a sheriff's shooting range in Fresno County. For unknown reasons, a large rebar column collapsed and injured two workers early one afternoon. Several emergency units were dispatched and reported to the scene of the accident. Both workers required medical care and were transported by ambulance. Work on the project was immediately placed on hold.

Construction workers' accidents: 2 injured, 1 dead

There is no denying the risk that may be present on a construction site in California. The large equipment, heavy supplies, large vehicles and an unstable environment can result in harm to anyone on a work site. Despite multiple preventive safety measures instituted over the years, serious construction workers' accidents still occur. One such tragic accident recently occurred in another state.

The accident occurred when workers were attempting to repair an unknown source of water leakage. Reportedly, some residents in the nearby suburban community report that there has been a chronic drainage issue and that it is not uncommon to see workers working on the problem. Apparently, an airbag was being used in a drain to stall the water leak when it exploded.

Officiers injured in mass shooting denied workers' compensation

The recent mass shooting at a country music festival in another state shocked and terrified many throughout the country. Tragically, many lives were lost and hundreds of innocent attendees were injured as they tried to escape the massacre. Approximately 40 off-duty southern California law enforcement officers were attending the concert when the shooting broke out. Reportedly, four were injured while using their skills to assist wounded attendees. There has been recent outrage when reports circulated that the officers would be denied California workers' compensation for injuries suffered during the out-of-state shooting.

The officers reportedly helped to assist other attendees, and in the process, four were injured. One officer was reportedly shot in the abdomen and suffered serious injuries. The other three officer's injuries were not reported.

Industrial workers' accidents: Man injured at glass plant

For most people in California, work is an essential part of life to survive and maintain a standard of living. Unfortunately, when an employee is injured, his or her ability to work may be threatened. Some injuries allow a person to return to work, and others do not. Because of the environment, industrial workers' accidents often result in serious injuries. One man in another state recently suffered serious injuries in the glass plant where he was employed, and he will likely be filing a workers' compensation claim.

Emergency crews were alerted to an accident at a glass factory, and both the city and county emergency crews responded to the call. The details of the accident have not been released due to the pending investigation by the Tennessee division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The investigation is anticipated to last six to eight weeks and will include a review of the scene of the accident, plant protocols, a review of records and interviews of employees.

Serious injuries result from construction workers' accidents

New developments and building refurbishments seem to be booming in California and all across the country. With the increase of work, high demand and tight deadlines, accidents are bound to occur. Unfortunately, when accidents occur on a job site, they can be tragic for any worker involved. Recently, three different construction workers' accidents in different parts of the country detail how serious they can be. 

One of the accidents involved an employee's failure to follow the safety rules. He was repairing a lift machine that was located on a dirt road. Apparently, safety procedures require workers to be strapped into the bucket, but he did not. It is not clear how it occurred, but the truck that the lift was attached to tipped over. The man was propelled 40 feet, landed on a stake and later died in a hospital from complications from his injuries.

Safety training can prevent industrial workers' accidents

While workers in all industries in California have to face safety hazards every day, certain industries pose higher risks than others. Certain industrial hazards threaten blue-collar workers and technicians in construction, mining and other industries. Authorities believe that the occurrence of the most frequently reported industrial workers' accidents could be minimized with proper safety training.

Falls from higher levels represent a significant number of on-the-job accidents -- often with devastating consequences. Safety advisors say most falls result from improper use or lack of fall protection, unstable work surfaces and human error. Adequate training in the proper use of personal protective equipment can eliminate a significant number of injuries and fatalities. Another cause of many industrial accidents is the exposure to dangerous working parts of machines. Employers must ensure safeguards and lockout/tag-out devices are in place, and employees must receive training in the proper use of these devices.

Wildfires are a hazard to firefighting teams

With wildfires spreading across the United States, there is a real fear that many people could lose their homes and businesses. If you're working to fight these fires or are still at your job when a fire strikes, you could be in danger of an injury. How can you be sure that you'll stay safe?

It's hard to guarantee safety if you're working with fire, but there are some measures your employer can take to help. Here are a few things he or she can do.

Construction workers' accidents: Companies fined for man's death

Considering the required safety gear, inspections and training that is required to operate a construction site, it is well-known that they can be dangerous for workers. Sadly, when construction workers' accidents occur in California and across the country, they can result in serious and sometimes fatal injuries. Recently two companies were fined in relation to the death of a worker on one of their job sites earlier this year.

Heavy winter rainstorms resulted in flooding and mudslides that made some highways impassable. Caltrans, a large and established construction company, subcontracted another company to help remove the mud from a highway Caltrans was working on. As a dump truck was backing up, the driver was not aware that two workers were behind it. The vehicle crushed them. One of the men was killed and the other suffered serious injuries. 

Construction workers' accidents: Man killed by faulty scaffolding

Some jobs entail more risk to employees than others. Even though there are risks involved in most jobs, employers bear the responsibility to provide safe working environments for their employees. Multiple agencies and policies in California exist to ensure companies are following safety standards, but construction workers' accidents still occur. Last year, in another state, a man lost his life when proper safety precautions were ignored by his employer.

The 30-year-old man was working for a construction company that was using a tall scaffolding apparatus when the accident occurred. Reportedly, he was on the top layer when the scaffolding collapsed, causing him to fall to his death. The man was survived a wife and three young sons. A lawyer for the wife stated that he plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the construction company.

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