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Work injury caused by crane should worry California workers

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2012 | Workplace Injuries |

A shifting crane is alleged to be the cause of a recent accident that has sent one man to the hospital. The work injury occurred outside of California, when a man was working near a crane that was located on the back of a flat-bed truck. According to the police, the accident was a result of the crane’s arm shifting, which then landed on the man and pinned him against the bed of the truck.

The man, who was identified as being 33 years old, was airlifted to a local hospital to receive treatment for his injuries. Police have not released the extent of the injuries suffered by the man. His current condition is also unknown.

Details of the circumstances surrounding the accident remain sparse at this time. It is unknown what company the man was working for and whether there were any witnesses to the accident. It has also not been reported whether the Idaho division of OSHA has been informed of the accident and whether they intend to initiate an investigation.

Workplace accidents in California and across the country are an all-too-common occurrence. Although it is not clear at this time what the ultimate cause of this man’s work injury was, an investigation will likely be undertaken by state or local officials to answer the many questions the victim and his family may have. In the meantime, the worker who may have sustained serious injuries can take some comfort in knowing that his workers’ compensation benefits will likely cover his treatment and living expenses while he struggles to recover from this most unfortunate work injury.

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