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California worker dies from forklift accident injuries

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2012 | Workplace Accidents |

Accidents in the workplace can happen so suddenly; even in the midst of performing a general maintenance task. Sometimes they can be fatal accidents. A California man recently sustained a work injury that resulted in his death. The worker was employed at a plastics company and was performing service on a forklift when the work injury occurred. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health is now investigating.

According to Cal-OSHA, two workers were attempting to work on the forklift. One of the workers attempted to raise the machine off of the ground by using another forklift. Unfortunately, one of the lifts crashed into his co-worker. When emergency personnel got to the scene, they found the man had died of head wounds.

Records show the company has had no fatal accidents in five years. Cal-OSHA will now likely interview employees who witnessed the accident and examine training and maintenance records at the Oakland facility. If OSHA finds fault within the company it is possible it could receive citations and heavy financial penalties.

When a California work injury occurs it can be devastating to the worker’s whole family. When a death results, the toll on the family can be immeasurable. Workers’ compensation insurance is required for all employers to help offset the financial impact associated with injury and death, but it can sometimes take work to ensure that the full benefits available are obtained. This may be the last thing that a grieving family is focused on, so it may be helpful to call in the help of experienced legal counsel.

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