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Workers’ compensation can help surviving California families

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2012 | Workers' Compensation |

When California residents engage in workplace activities as a normal part of their employment, few expect that something so mundane could possibly turn into tragedy. Unfortunately for one 24-year-old ski instructor, however, the woman has lost her life after a ski run which turned fatal. The woman suffered serious injuries to her brain and neck, which resulted in her death just days after the accident. This could lead to her family seeking workers’ compensation survivor benefits to help cover costs associated with her death.

The fatal accident occurred at the California ski resort where she worked. Apparently the woman was skiing with friends on a Saturday in November. Initial reports indicate that the ski instructor ran into trouble after hitting a bump on the slopes. Hitting that bump caused her to fall down and in the process hit her face and head.

The woman was also partially covered by snow and authorities had to dig her free. Once officials were able to extricate her they immediately began CPR. The woman was fortunate in that EMT trained skiers along with ski patrol members were at the resort and able to aid in rescue efforts. Unfortunately those efforts did not succeed in the saving this woman’s life.

Now the family of this woman is left scrambling for answers in the wake of the serious injuries which led to her death. Sometimes families of victims who lose their lives in recreational accidents like this one will choose to seek workers’ compensation survivor benefits to help cover costs associated with an unexpected loss. While it is not yet clear if that will be the case in this specific skiing accident, the woman’s family will surely be mourning her untimely death.

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