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There is still help when a work injury claim is denied

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2014 | Workplace Illness |

After a work injury, most people confront the process of filing a work injury claim. There is the expectation that a claim is considered and a worker can expect any financial issues related to the work injury to be dealt with. But, there are times when a California worker may file a workers’ compensation claim only to have that claim denied. Having that claim denied does not have to be the end of the road.

Typically, claims may be denied initially only to be approved once an appeal is navigated. The appeals process may be complicated and time-consuming for some. But, if the work injury means someone is no longer able to do a job they once loved or possibly unable to work again, filing an appeal may be necessary for survival.

An appeal of any kind differs from the case it stems from. The appeals process focuses on the initial case and any claims of discrepancies or unfairness handed down during that step. Anyone seeking an appeal of a workers’ compensation case may benefit from seeking legal help from a professional with experience in the field of workers’ compensation laws and also appeals.

A successful appeal can mean the difference between getting the benefits a worker needs and may rely on and not getting that to which a worker is entitled. Medical care, rehabilitative services and financial support may all be dependent on the outcome of an appeal after being denied workers’ compensation benefits. Any California worker who has suffered a work injury and then has been through a denial of a claim may want to get more information about appeals from our website.