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Construction workers’ accidents continue on Facebook campus

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2017 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Over the  years, many safety practices have been mandated for construction sites to ensure protection of workers. Workers may be required to wear hard hats, reflective clothing and harnesses on the job, among other policies. Despite efforts to maintain a safe work environment, construction workers’ accidents still occur in California. Recently, a man suffered injuries after a fall on a construction site, but his life may have been spared by the safety harness he was wearing.

The man was working on a new building for the Facebook corporate campus when he fell almost 15 feet. Reportedly, he may have slipped, resulting in his fall from the fourth floor to the third floor. According to the firefighters on the scene, his safety harness prevented him from crashing into the bottom of the third floor.

Due to the complexity of the construction site, firefighters had to use a large aerial ladder to rescue the man. Although, he did not crash into the floor, he still suffered bruises, cuts and pain from the fall. He was transported and treated for his injuries. Surprisingly, he is not the first to be injured on the construction site; two other workers were injured on the same site this spring.

When construction workers’ accidents occur, they can result in significant injury, medical bills for necessary treatment and/or death. Fortunately for injured workers, workers’ compensation insurance benefits are available for employees to cover medical expenses and lost income while recovering. Unfortunately, the workers’ compensation system is not easy to navigate. Attorneys in California can help injured workers navigate through the system to ensure fair and appropriate treatment.

Source: NBC Bay Area, “Worker Injured After Fall at Facebook Construction Site in Menlo Park“, Bob Redell and Brendan Weber, July 19, 2017