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Workplace accidents: unusual drowning at family owned business

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2017 | Workplace Accidents |

On-the-job accidents occur daily throughout the state of California. When workplace accidents occur, they can be expensive for employees. Fortunately, employers are required by law to provide workers’ compensation insurance for its employees to finance any unexpected accident related expenses. Recently in another state, two men were seriously injured as they were maintaining part of the store where they were employed.

The men were employed by a family-owned company that performs catering, butcher, canning and retail services. Reportedly, two men were performing maintenance in the store building’s sewer pits. As they were working, they became unconscious and had to be rescued and pulled out by firefighters. Unfortunately, one of the men did not survive his injuries. The other man was air lifted and treated for his injuries, but has been discharged from the hospital in stable condition.

An autopsy was performed on the deceased man, and it revealed that he accidentally drowned. High levels of hydrogen sulfide gas toxicity appear to have factored in both men losing consciousness. The company was closed following the accident, but it recently re-opened.

Any employees or families of deceased victims that have experienced workplace accidents may find it frustrating to file a claim in the California workers’ compensation system. Families of deceased victims are legally entitled to receive death benefits, which could aide in offering financial relief for any unexpected funeral expenses and lost income victims may have contributed. Lawyers with experience with the complicated workers’ compensation system can guide victims and survivors in filing claims to ensure adequate compensation.

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