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Serious injuries result from construction workers’ accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2017 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

New developments and building refurbishments seem to be booming in California and all across the country. With the increase of work, high demand and tight deadlines, accidents are bound to occur. Unfortunately, when accidents occur on a job site, they can be tragic for any worker involved. Recently, three different construction workers’ accidents in different parts of the country detail how serious they can be. 

One of the accidents involved an employee’s failure to follow the safety rules. He was repairing a lift machine that was located on a dirt road. Apparently, safety procedures require workers to be strapped into the bucket, but he did not. It is not clear how it occurred, but the truck that the lift was attached to tipped over. The man was propelled 40 feet, landed on a stake and later died in a hospital from complications from his injuries.

Two other men at two other sites were also seriously injured. One man was sandblasting pipes and accidentally fell into a manhole. He died before rescue personal could attempt to save him. Another man in another state was working when a machine collapsed on him and seriously injured him. His current condition has not been reported.

As with these construction workers’ accidents, the injuries can be serious and fatal. Not only do families face the daunting tasks to fund a funeral while they grieve, they also lose the income their loved one contributed. California law requires employers to provide workers’ compensation insurance benefit for employees injured on the job. Not only can injured employees access the benefit for medical expenses, but some families qualify death benefits. The system can be complicated and confusing, but lawyers with experience can assist families through the claims process.

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