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Construction workers’ accidents: 2 injured, 1 dead

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2017 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

There is no denying the risk that may be present on a construction site in California. The large equipment, heavy supplies, large vehicles and an unstable environment can result in harm to anyone on a work site. Despite multiple preventive safety measures instituted over the years, serious construction workers’ accidents still occur. One such tragic accident recently occurred in another state.

The accident occurred when workers were attempting to repair an unknown source of water leakage. Reportedly, some residents in the nearby suburban community report that there has been a chronic drainage issue and that it is not uncommon to see workers working on the problem. Apparently, an airbag was being used in a drain to stall the water leak when it exploded.

The explosion resulted in serious and fatal injuries to a 27-year-old man. Two other workers suffered minor injuries, but there were not serious. The other two workers were able to be treated by paramedics at the site of the accident. The local county medical examiner was expected to evaluate and determine what resulted in the worker’s death.

When work accidents result in similar injuries, any related expenses should be covered under workers’ compensation insurance benefits supplied by their employer. Also when unfortunate tragic deaths such as this one occur, immediate surviving family members may be eligible for death benefits through the insurance program. Unfortunately, over the years the system has become complex and often difficult for workers and families to file claims. California attorneys can assist anyone who has suffered injuries or lost loved ones in construction workers’ accidents through the process of filing a claim and pursuing recovery of all applicable benefits..

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