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Construction workers’ accidents: Injuries on rail line project

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2017 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Large and new construction projects require a significant amount of skilled workers. Some projects, such as the new High-Speed Rail in California, often require unusual and large-scale work. Despite best efforts to prevent them, construction workers’ accidents are unfortunately bound to occur. Two workers recently suffered injuries while working on the rail project.

The accident occurred on the part of the rail line being completed near Highway 99 and a sheriff’s shooting range in Fresno County. For unknown reasons, a large rebar column collapsed and injured two workers early one afternoon. Several emergency units were dispatched and reported to the scene of the accident. Both workers required medical care and were transported by ambulance. Work on the project was immediately placed on hold.

Reportedly, one the workers fractured his spine. No other details are known about the workers’ injuries, but they are both expected to survive. The California Highway Patrol is conducting an investigation and plans to cooperate with a separate investigate headed by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health.

Construction workers’ accidents can create significant financial stress for workers and their families. Not only do injuries from accidents result in expensive medical care, but income is lost with missed work. Fortunately, employers are typically required to provide mandated workers’ compensation insurance coverage to assist workers with work-related accidents. Unfortunately, many employees feel the system is flawed and difficult to file a claim. Many find the advice and help of an attorney in California familiar with the system to assist them through the claims process.

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