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Industrial workers’ accidents: Firefighter burned by chemicals

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2018 | Industrial Workers' Accidents |

Some employees in California place their lives in danger on a routine basis as part of the job duties. Rescue workers, police officers and firefighters are just a few occupations that may pose a greater risk than the average job. Sadly, a beloved and long-time firefighter lost his life in an unfortunate industrial accident. Industrial workers’ accidents can result in serious injury and death, as this firefighter experienced.

The 39-year-old firefighter served as a battalion chief/training officer for his local community for numerous years. Currently, he was a paid captain for the county fire department, but he also spent much time over the years volunteering his skills as a firefighter. An industrial accident at a local plant resulted in the man receiving serious chemical burns and injuries. State regulatory agencies are investigating the accident.

Although the firefighter was transferred to a medical center, and then later to another hospital, he did not survive his injuries. Reportedly, he is quite missed in his community and among his fellow firefighters. Not only did he leave behind co-workers and friends but also a wife and children.

In tragic fatal industrial workers’ accidents such as this one, the circumstances can be confusing to a grieving family as to whether or not workers’ compensation death benefits would apply. According to the California labor code, paid and volunteer firefighters are eligible for workers’ compensation. Specific eligibility requirements must be met by a family to receive the death benefits, but a California employment law attorney can assist through the process and filing a claim when eligible. When compensation is obtained, it can often assist with related expenses in the difficult transition without a loved one.

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