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Cal-OHSA investigates Tesla for workplace injuries

On Behalf of | May 3, 2018 | Workplace Injuries |

It is not surprising that a vehicle requires a large production facility and assembly line considering the size of most vehicles that travel the roadways. With large equipment and extensive production, precautions must be taken at all times to ensure safety of all in a plant. Recently, the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health opened up two investigations at Tesla involving workplace injuries.

The first investigation was announced due to rumors involving Tesla’s reporting of injuries that occurred in the production plant. Allegedly, in order to keep a good safety record, injuries were being mislabeled or not reported at all. Tesla has denied the accusation and the investigation is pending.

Cal-OSHA reported days after the first investigation began that a second investigation was set to begin surrounding the events of an injury in the Tesla production facility. The injured person was an employee of a contractor completing work for Tesla. The contractor was not only supervising the employee’s work but also reported the injury as required. Reportedly, a skid carrier hit the employee in the jaw, and his jaw is broken. Neither investigation is good news for Tesla, and its stock has dropped 2.7 percent in the days following the news.

In industrial facilities, workplace injuries are not uncommon and can be serious for employees. When injuries do occur, most employees can file for employer-provided workers’ compensation to help cover medical expenses. Some employees find the insurance system difficult, but find the assistance of a California attorney to be beneficial throughout claims process.

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