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Man suffers workplace injuries at YEEZY

On Behalf of | May 16, 2018 | Workplace Injuries |

Kayne West has ventured into more than rapping and music in the last few years. One of Kayne’s ventures has involved a collaboration with Adidas for an apparel line called YEEZY. Reportedly, the brand is set to expand with more offices around the country, but the company’s plans may be stalled. Recently, the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health launched an investigation into some workplace injuries that an employee suffered while at YEEZY.

Details of how the injury occurred are unknown, but it is known that a large 3D printer fell onto an employee. The printer was large enough to trap the employee under its weight and could only be removed by the effort of several employees. Once the printer was removed, the employee’s injury was determined to be serious by paramedics, and he was airlifted to a medical center.

Reportedly, the injury has prevented the employee from returning to work. According to rumors at the Adidas office, the man’s injury required his foot to be amputated, but other reports indicate otherwise. Still other reports suggest that the man may have already retained a lawyer and may be preparing to file a lawsuit.

Workplace injuries are difficult for the employee. Injuries may result in pain, discomfort, lost wages, stress obtaining necessary medical care and financing medical care. California attorneys often work with injured employees to assist with the hassle of filing a claim against workers’ compensation. In some appropriate cases, an experienced employment attorney may also suggest a lawsuit in civil court.

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