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Construction workers’ accidents: Family seeks funds for funeral

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2018 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Crowd fundraising websites have become popular in recent years to raise money for just about anything an individual can think of to request financial help. It is often used when individuals receive news that they require expensive medical treatment or a family member suffers the sudden loss of a loved one. When fatal construction workers’ accidents occur on the job, families may also be entitled to workers’ compensation death benefits, which may provide some compensation in addition to funds from family and friends. Sadly, one California family recently lost their loved one during an unfortunate accident at a construction site and has turned to crowdfunding to help with burial expenses.

Due to a pending investigation, very few details have been released about the accident and the events preceding it. The accident occurred at the construction site of a shop building for a high school. The shop building project is estimated as a $3.5 million building project.

The California Occupational Safety and Health Administration has begun an accident investigation due to the serious injuries suffered by the worker. According to the agency’s report, the worker suffered a fall from a scissor lift. The man was transported for medical attention out of the county, but he died the next morning. The family started a crowdfunding website to help raise money for the man’s funeral.

Following the death of a loved one due to construction workers’ accidents, it is often difficult to sort out and manage finances without a loved one’s income contribution. Many families find the assistance of a California attorney helpful in filing claims through workers’ compensation. Some families may qualify for death benefits through workers’ compensation, which can relieve some financial pressure.