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Construction workers’ accidents: Man killed at windy job site

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2018 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

California companies and contractors are often under a lot of pressure to complete a job on time. Despite code enforcement and permit requirements, safety policies are sometimes disregarded in effort to speed up work. Sadly, when safety is ignored, construction workers’ accidents can occur, resulting in serious work injuries and/or death. One family in another state has suffered unexpected grief during the holidays following a father’s death on a work site that may have been unsafe.

The 44-year-old father of four was working on a construction site with two of his sons when the accident occurred. Reportedly, investigators believe that a forklift carrying a wall for the building tipped over and crashed onto the worker. Sadly, the man’s sons witnessed the accident and were the ones who pulled him from under the wall debris.

According to the sons, there were strong winds the day of the accident that could have contributed to the fatal accident. Reportedly, the crane operators refused to use the cranes due to the strong winds. The investigation is pending, and it is unclear if crane operators notified supervisors of the unsafe weather conditions. One citation has be issued against the contractor for an unsafe work place as well as a stop work order. 

Sadly, when serious construction workers’ accidents occur, it is the workers who often suffer serious injuries and/or death. In addition to the grief of losing a loved one, family members often must suffer a rapid financial transition without their loved one’s income. California attorneys familiar with employment law can assist and advise workers or families of deceased workers with filing a claim through the state managed workers’ compensation insurance. Compensation from insurance benefits can assist with accident-related expenses.