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Woman says workplace injuries continue to cause her pain

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2019 | Workplace Injuries |

The internet has changed the way many people shop and obtain goods. In the process, retailers like Amazon have grown and thrived. In order to deliver goods on a quick schedule as promised to buyers, Amazon has workers and distribution centers all over the country. Some workers are claiming that the work environment is not always safe, and sometimes, quick delivery to buyers is prioritized over worker safety. One young California woman claims she is a victim of workplace injuries, and the injuries continue to affect her daily life.

The 27-year-old worker took a job at Amazon while attending college. She was not new to retail and warehouse work, and she felt the distribution center job was a good fit while completing her degree. The woman was required to hunt down products to be shipped, and lift and place them on conveyor belts. She reports that she lifted as many as 100 items an hour up to 29 pounds.

The woman began experiencing pain in her neck. She was referred to the on-site medical clinic multiple times for the injury, and she visited her own medical practitioner before she was finally referred to a physician approved by the company’s workers’ compensation insurance. The woman filed claims, but many were denied before she finally received a small settlement from the company to cover some of her costs. Sadly, she reports continued pain and frequent visits to various doctors to improve her condition.

Workplace injuries are not uncommon. Sadly, changes in workers’ compensation laws over the years have made it difficult for many workers to file necessary claims. California attorneys familiar with the state-managed insurance program and handling large companies can assist employees with their claims.