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Industrial workers’ accidents: Man loses arm

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2019 | Industrial Workers' Accidents |

Time is of the essence when arteries are damaged or severed during an injury. Car and industrial workers’ accidents are just two types of accidents that may result in artery damage. Workers in California and across the country who suffer a life-threatening injury at work typically qualify for workers’ compensation insurance. One worker in another state will likely file a claim following the loss of his arm while at work.

Reportedly, a factory worker was injured early in the morning. The reports state that the 66-year-worker’s arm became entangled in some machinery, which resulted in the loss of his arm. Emergency services were notified and two police officers arrived at the scene first in response to the call.

The two officers report that they found the worker sitting in a chair with blood under him. The officers knew the severity of the injury and raced to place a tourniquet on the man’s upper arm just above his injury. Emergency medical technicians also responded to the call and transported the man to a hospital. The man is reported to be in stable condition. The police officers and EMTs are being credited for saving the man’s life with their quick response.

The factory worker is likely focused on healing, pain control and learning to function with one arm. Unfortunately, medical treatment and therapy are expensive. Employees who suffer from similar serious industrial workers’ accidents can likely file for workers’ compensation insurance benefits. Many workers find a skilled California attorney to be helpful when filing a claim and gaining an understanding of his or her rights.