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Man killed in industrial accident involving a forklift

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2019 | Industrial Workers' Accidents |

Many families in California and across the country spend the month of December planning on activities to do with their families and friends. Unfortunately, a family in another state is likely completing a different type of planning following an industrial accident. The accident resulted in a fatality.

According to reports, a worker at a company called Graphic Packaging was operating a forklift one afternoon on a day in December. While reports regarding the incident leave many details unclear, the forklift is said to have overturned, injuring the worker. Though reports indicate that emergency personnel quickly arrived at the scene, the man passed away as a result of injury suffered in the accident.

A representative for Graphic Packaging has offered the company’s condolences to the victim’s family. The company claims that it will be analyzing the incident and asserted its commitment to safety. In addition to the company’s investigations, fatal workplace accidents such as these are typically investigated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to determine whether workplace safety or health standards were violated.

While an investigation could result in fines, citations or a combination of both, these outcomes will likely do little for families who are working to face the news of their unexpected loss. In addition to their grief, many families who lose a loved one in an industrial accident in California must also cope with the ramifications of lost wages and funeral expenses. Fortunately, many qualify for workers’ compensation insurance benefits that can provide for many expenses related to work-related accidents. A professional with experience with the compensation process can help these victims better understand these benefits.