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Workplace accidents: Vehicle safety is a top priority

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2020 | Workplace Accidents |

Any number of issues may arise on the job that create hazardous conditions for California workers. Workplace accidents are less likely to occur if employers and workers follow safety regulations, especially those regarding operation of commercial vehicles. If an employer or worker is negligent in his or her duties, accidents may occur that result in serious, even fatal injuries. 

A recent tragedy occurred in another state involving two construction workers. The 28-year-old man and his 39-year-old female co-worker were standing in the roadway when a terrible accident took place. A nearby cement truck backed up and ran over the two workers. 

The man fell due to the force of the massive truck was transported to a nearby hospital. He was listed in critical condition. Sadly, his co-worker did not survive the injuries she suffered when the vehicle backed over her. When on-the-job collisions occur, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration typically launches an investigation to determine exactly what or who may have caused the accident in question and also to determine if there were any safety violations. 

When workplace accidents involve fatalities, it not only affects the family members and close friends of the victims but also co-workers, employers and community members as well. When someone loses a loved one in a workplace tragedy, it is difficult to cope with the shock of a sudden, unexpected death. Many companies provide resources for workers and families to seek counseling when a tragedy of this magnitude occurs. Workers’ compensation law attorneys are also a great asset because they can help a recovering accident victim or a grieving family member of a deceased California worker to report an injury or death and to pursue appropriate options for legal recourse.