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You cannot lose your job for filing a workers’ comp claim

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2021 | Uncategorized |

If you sustain injuries at work, you may be hesitant to report them for several reasons. Many people mistakenly believe that their employer may fire them. This is a scary thought, especially while dealing with an injury.

It is important to understand that a delay in filing your claim may result in the denial of benefits, so it is best to report the injury as soon as possible. Additionally, laws exist to protect injured workers from retaliation for filing a claim, so you can rest easy knowing that you may return to your job once you heal.

Employers’ responsibilities to injured workers

FindLaw specifically states that employers have specific responsibilities regarding injured workers. In addition to maintaining a safe work environment in the first place, your employer must welcome you back to your job with open arms. Employers cannot fire you or let you go based solely on the fact that you file a workers’ compensation claim. In fact, employers are subject to stiff fines and penalties for such behavior.

Employees responsibilities in the event of an injury

As an employee, you have a responsibility to report the injury as soon as possible. Do not let the fear of what will happen to your job prevent you from doing this because it may make you ineligible for benefits. You have the right to seek compensation for lost wages and medical care resulting from a workplace injury.

Even a minor injury can have long-lasting consequences. It is important to report your injury right away to establish a record of care. If you have problems later because of the injury, it will be difficult to prove it was work-related if you do not seek care immediately.