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An open drawer could lead to unexpected injuries in the workplace

On Behalf of | May 25, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Have you ever walked past a coworker’s desk and nearly tripped because they had a drawer pulled out? Did you back up and almost fall because the drawer on a filing cabinet was left open behind you? Drawers and other items that stick out do have the potential to cause injuries, which is why it’s so important for business owners to be sure that their workers are keeping the workplace tidy and closing drawers after opening them.

Tripping over an open drawer is completely avoidable by simply closing the drawer when it’s not in use. Workers should be communicative with each other and let others know when those drawers will be open, so that they know not to step backward into the drawer or run into it while walking through the office.

Open drawers lead to falls and injuries

There is no doubt that open drawers lead to falls and injuries. Someone who trips in the workplace may get cut, break a bone or hit their head. Falls like this are among the most common injuries. In fact, the number of disabling falls is around two to 2.5 times higher in office workers compared to non-office workers.

Strike/struck by injuries are also possible if a drawer is left open. Bumping into drawers could lead to bumps and bruises or might cause head injuries or cuts. For example, someone who stands up and hits their head on a drawer that is open above them may suffer a head injury or laceration from the sharp edge of the drawer.

Although it may seem like an open drawer isn’t a big deal, it does have the potential to cause serious problems in your workplace. Remember to shut your drawers as soon as you’re done using them, so that others around you don’t get hurt. If someone continues to leave their cabinets or drawers open, mention that they need to close them.

If you do get hurt on the job because of an open cabinet drawer, it’s okay to seek medical attention. If you have a serious injury, workers’ compensation may be there to cover your financial losses while you recover.