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Avoid these mistakes in workers’ compensation matters

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

To gain workers’ compensation benefits, you must ensure a number of things such as reporting your injury to your employer and seeking medical treatment. In most cases, people understand these steps are necessary, but sometimes, neglect them.

A worker may “tough it out” and continue to work even though he or she is injured. And if you continue to work while injured and do not inform your employer about the injury, you also likely neglect to file for these much-needed benefits. These are major mistakes

Providing too much information to insurance company

Here are critical mistakes that may lead to a worker not getting workers’ compensation benefits or delaying the receipt of these benefits:

  • Failing to report the injury: Do so right away, A delay in reporting your injury will arouse suspicions from employers and physicians. They may contend that your injury was not work-related.
  • Neglecting to seek immediate medical attention: Not only does this potentially cause harm to your long-term health but, once again, leads your employer’s insurance company to conclude that the injury did not occur at work.
  • Providing too much information to your employer’s insurance company: Remember, the insurance company advocates for your employer. By providing excessive details to the insurance company, those representatives may twist your words and deny your claim. Focus on the simple details of your injury and how it happened.
  • Failing to file for workers’ compensation benefits: Some workers think they are doing themselves a favor by initially relying on paid time off and sick leave while they attempt to heal. Take the steps and fill out the proper documents to gain the benefits you deserve.

Workers injured on the job should take advantage of workers’ compensation benefits. Please do not procrastinate.

Be proactive

Report your injury, seek medical attention, do your research and even seek legal advice after sustaining a workplace injury. Workers’ compensation benefits are available for a reason: to help you overcome potential financial hardship and gain the funds you deserve.