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How does coverage for workplace illnesses in California work?

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2023 | Blog, Workplace Illness |

Occupational illnesses are a serious concern for workers in various industries throughout California. Those regularly exposed to hazardous working conditions can develop lasting health problems.

California’s workers’ compensation program offers support to employees who become ill due to their jobs.

Occupational illnesses

A wide variety of medical conditions count as work-related illnesses. You might face respiratory issues after exposure to dangerous chemicals. You could also experience repetitive overuse injuries due to your job’s demands.

Encountering infectious diseases and viruses at work can pose significant health risks. Skin conditions can develop from contact with irritants. Hearing damage sometimes occurs because of persistent loud noises. Proper safety gear and training are key to minimizing these risks.

Healthcare workers

Healthcare professionals face unique risks at work. Handling medications and hazardous substances can expose employees to harmful drug residues. Continuous interaction with equipment like X-ray machines can lead to radiation exposure as well.

If you work in the medical field, your job duties might bring you into close contact with infectious diseases. Pathogen exposure can impact the well-being of doctors, nurses and medical staff.

Healthcare workers are also more likely to experience needlestick injuries that can spread blood-borne infections. The World Health Organization estimates that needlestick injuries contribute to nearly 40% of hepatitis B and C infections.

Workers’ compensation

Facing a work-related illness can bring mental, physical and financial hardships. Workers’ compensation helps by covering medical costs and providing financial aid during recovery. In some cases, it is possible to seek disability benefits and vocational rehabilitation.

Obtaining workers’ compensation in California requires meeting several criteria. You need a medical diagnosis that links your illness to your workplace. You must prove that your job activities caused or worsened the condition. You can use medical records and laboratory test results to strengthen your claim.

Addressing occupational illnesses is necessary to protect the well-being of California’s workforce.