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Workplace accidents: Vehicle safety is a top priority

Any number of issues may arise on the job that create hazardous conditions for California workers. Workplace accidents are less likely to occur if employers and workers follow safety regulations, especially those regarding operation of commercial vehicles. If an employer or worker is negligent in his or her duties, accidents may occur that result in serious, even fatal injuries. 

Workplace accidents: Rehabilitation is always a goal

When a California worker suffers an on-the-job injury, there is no way to predict how much time will be needed for a full recovery. Workplace accidents can cause partial or full permanent disability, which means that, in some cases, an injured employee may never be able to go back to work. Thankfully, that is not the way it happened for a young police officer in another state. 

Workplace accidents: Tragedy in another state involving fatality

When a California worker carries out his or her duties, he or she can reasonably expect that the employer in question has provided all necessary information, training and equipment to help lower the risk of injury on the job. When workplace accidents occur, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA) often opens an investigation. This is especially true if a particular accident results in a fatality.

Workplace accidents: Risk is high in the construction industry

California construction workers often suffer injuries on the job. Construction work is typically at the top of most lists regarding which jobs are the most dangerous. When workplace accidents occur, it often sparks a series of events that hopefully includes helping injured workers seek medical attention, as well as reporting their injuries to their employers and filing workers' compensation claims.

Fatal workplace accident shuts down California construction site

Construction is one way to make improvements to a business or organization, allowing it to expand or just better meet the needs of existing clients. Unfortunately, there are inherent dangers associated with construction projects even with a variety of safety regulations in place. In fact, a man was recently killed in a workplace accident in California.

Fatal workplace accident remains under investigation

Because of the risks that all workers in California and across the country face, there are a variety of different safety measures in place. Additionally, many employees have access to safety equipment that will further help protect them while they complete their job-related tasks. Unfortunately, even these measures can not completely eradicate the possibility of a workplace accident.

California lineman killed in workplace accident

Most people in the United States report to their jobs every shift with the expectation that they will return home in the same condition they arrived. Unfortunately, the reality is that there are a variety of different hazards in the workplace that could result in a workplace accident with serious consequences. In fact, a fatal incident in California is currently under investigation.

Police work to investigate fatal workplace accident

There are a variety of different types of professions in California and across the United States. Regardless of a person's job, it's typical to face some risk of injury while completing job-related activities. Unfortunately, reports indicate that two men in another state recently lost their lives in a workplace accident.

Man's death believed to be result of workplace accident

Depending on what type of job a person in California has, he or she may perform the same tasks repeatedly throughout the workday. Despite the repetition of these tasks, those that involve the use of heavy machinery, for example, hold the risk of injury. In fact, the recent death of a man in another state is believed to have been the result of a workplace accident.

Preventing workplace accidents involving tractors

There are many types of farms in California, and many of them employ the use of tractors in various ways. Due to the large agricultural industry in the state, tractor safety should be high on employers' lists of priorities for the men and women who work there. Failure to have standards in place can lead to preventable and devastating workplace accidents involving tractors. 

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