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Town worker dies after being injured on the job

Road work can be wrought with dangers. Many employees who work on road construction or improvement projects may fear being injured on the job by passing drivers. However, a worker can be injured on the job due to the actions of another worker. California road crews may want to follow the story of a town road worker who was fatally injured while filling potholes.

Work injury suffered at California clothing plant

An industrial or factory job often entails the risk of injury simply due to the nature of the machinery that is operated at such locations. A clothing factory has many hazards as workers toil with heavy, dangerous and complex equipment. Recently in California, an employee suffered a work injury involving a machine at a plant.

Fatal work injury takes life of construction worker

The construction business can be very dangerous even with a plethora of rules and regulations in place. While California construction sites are generally made as safe as possible, a work injury can still take place. This is demonstrated by a recent work injury that took the life of a man who was working on a stairwell.

California worker is fatally injured on the job

Working on or near electrical lines is extremely dangerous. Therefore, equipment operation safety in the vicinity of high-voltage lines must be taken very seriously due to the fact that serious or fatal injuries are a very real possibility when it comes to working on or near electrical lines. Recently, a California worker was fatally injured on the job after the boom truck basket that he was in seemingly got too close to electrical lines.

Investigation after fatal California work injury leads to fines

For any industry, there are safeguards in place to protect workers. If a work injury occurs and an investigation reveals lapses or mistakes in those safeguards, a company may be fined or worse. Two companies in California are currently facing steep fines after an investigation into a fatal work injury.

Water heater installation leads to work injury in California

Routine maintenance at retail shops is vital for those shops to stay up and running. The plumbing and heating systems all need to be maintained and handled with care by professionals. Recently, workers at a yogurt shop in California were putting in a water heater with the help of a gas company employee when a work injury took place.

Worker dies after being injured on the job at airport

There are a wide array of jobs and responsibilities at the nation's airports. When any maintenance is done or construction work is performed at an airport in California or elsewhere, it may be necessary for temporary workers or subcontractors to be called in for certain services. If one of these temporary workers or subcontractors is injured on the job, or worse, they too are entitled to workers' compensation benefits.

Circus fined for trick that left performers injured on the job

The circus in general thrives on the idea or illusion of death-defying acts. Even though the circus and entertainment industry in California and elsewhere is highly regulated to ensure safety of performers, tricks or stunts can go wrong and leave performers injured on the job. The world famous Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus has been cited for an accident that made national headlines after eight acrobats were seriously injured.

Worker at meat plant injured on the job

Any kind of factory work can pose many dangers, some hidden and some very obvious. The types of machines used in meatpacking and processing plants can be dangerous when used and also dangerous when they need to be cleaned or repaired. Anyone in California who works at a factory or facility where dangerous equipment is used may be interested in a recent incident that resulted in a worker being injured on the job.

California propane worker injured on the job recently

Any kind of work involving the handling, processing or delivery of gas and propane can be particularly dangerous as these are hazardous substances that must be handled with care. Any worker in the propane industry is highly trained about safety precautions for their own personal safety as well as that of the public. Yet, despite the training and regulations that abound the industry, accidents still occur and lead to workers being injured on the job. This was the case recently in California.

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