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Officiers injured in mass shooting denied workers' compensation

The recent mass shooting at a country music festival in another state shocked and terrified many throughout the country. Tragically, many lives were lost and hundreds of innocent attendees were injured as they tried to escape the massacre. Approximately 40 off-duty southern California law enforcement officers were attending the concert when the shooting broke out. Reportedly, four were injured while using their skills to assist wounded attendees. There has been recent outrage when reports circulated that the officers would be denied California workers' compensation for injuries suffered during the out-of-state shooting.

Legal counsel to help fight denied workers' compensation

Many computer programmers and IT specialists aspire to work for rapidly growing and popular companies such as the ride-sharing California-based company Uber. Unfortunately, for one man, the alleged intense work environment may have resulted in his suicide. His spouse has filed a lawsuit against the company, suing for workers' compensation benefits that she feels were wrongly denied in the aftermath of his death.

New laws require workers' compensation in the marijuana industry

In 2010 a marijuana farmer decided to shoot a migrant worker four times, which resulted in his death. The migrant worker had complained about poor working conditions, and violence resulted. It is suspected that there are many other cases of abuse and violence of workers in the marijuana farming industry. In the aftermath of the legalization of recreational use of marijuana in California, state lawmakers are attempting to regulate the multi-billion dollar industry with new laws. New regulations will be in effect to limit abuse of workers, sexual assault, poor working conditions and will mandate workers' compensation insurance coverage be provided by employers.

New workers' compensation law to address workplace violence

Workplace accidents occur on a regular basis in California, some causing severe injuries to employees. Fortunately, state law requires employers to carry workers' compensation insurance which helps to ensure medical treatment and financial coverage for any injured employees. Even though workers' compensation is a system established for the protection of injured workers, it is often a difficult system to navigate.

Business denied workers' compensation to employees for years

California law requires employers to purchase workers' compensation insurance as a benefit for employees. It is in place to protect the employees if they are injured or become ill on the job. If an employer chooses not adhere to the law, he or she may face criminal charges and hefty fines. Recently, a couple faced the consequences of not providing workers' compensation insurance to their employees for a period of about six years.

When good holiday parties at work take a turn for the worse

It started off as a fun evening. The boss had picked a beautiful venue, it was an open bar, and you were all set to receive your end-of-the-year cash bonus. Everything was great until you tripped over that bit of loose carpet and broke your ankle while overseeing the White Elephant gift exchange.

You have the right to benefits through workers' compensation

If you are employed in California, you have certain rights in the event that you are injured in a work accident or become ill due to unsafe work conditions. You are entitled to workers' compensation benefits, which includes medical treatment, recovery of lost wages and even vocational training if you are unable to return to the same job. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to claim these benefits without appropriate legal help.

Young construction worker suffers fatal work injury

Few professions offer as much danger as working in the construction industry. Many California construction workers love being able to work outside, but with that freedom comes the ever-present dangers presented by being surrounded by high-powered tools, shifting work environments and heavy machinery. In the event that a work injury occurs, no matter how big or how small, the worker is legally entitled to file a workers' compensation claim.

An overview of workers' compensation in California

The term workers' compensation references a system of laws addressing the benefits that apply to injured employees, including the surviving families of workers killed on the job. It also refers to the procedures that must follow in order to claim said benefits. In addition to the state workers' compensation system in California, there are similar laws and regulations that cover federal workers and those that work in certain industries, such as railroad workers. 

1 suffers fatal work injury in construction accident

A construction worker was recently killed in a construction accident that occurred out of state. The accident occurred on a recent Wednesday morning in March. When California workers suffer a work injury -- fatal or not -- the victim or the victim's family is entitled to file a claim for workers' compensation.

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