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Workplace Accidents Archives

California restaurant worker injured on the job by truck

For restaurant workers, the thought of being hit by a truck may be on the bottom of the list of possible workplace injuries. Despite being a rarity, being injured on the job by a truck is still a frightening possibility. In California, a restaurant worker preparing for the opening of an establishment was injured when a truck careened into the eatery.    

Railroad crossing is site of work injury

Anytime work needs to be completed on a railroad or at a railroad crossing, there are many provisions in place to ensure the safety of workers and those who may be traveling on any train that comes through. Despite the caution and plethora of rules and regulations, work on a railroad track can still result in a work injury. California has a vast array of railroad tracks that need regular maintenance and can easily be the site of a work injury similar to one that just occurred in another state.

Firefighter suffers serious work injury in California

Anytime a firefighter jumps into action, there is the risk of physical harm or injury. The very nature of the job requires a firefighter to put his or her life at risk to protect the community. One serious fire in California led to a severe work injury for one firefighter as a roof collapsed, trapping him inside a structure that was ablaze.

Town worker dies after being injured on the job

Road work can be wrought with dangers. Many employees who work on road construction or improvement projects may fear being injured on the job by passing drivers. However, a worker can be injured on the job due to the actions of another worker. California road crews may want to follow the story of a town road worker who was fatally injured while filling potholes.

Work injury suffered at California clothing plant

An industrial or factory job often entails the risk of injury simply due to the nature of the machinery that is operated at such locations. A clothing factory has many hazards as workers toil with heavy, dangerous and complex equipment. Recently in California, an employee suffered a work injury involving a machine at a plant.

Worker injured on the job while clearing snow from roof

Any kind of work done at a great height or while on the roof of a building can pose a hazard to a worker. When dangerous or treacherous weather makes the task of being on a roof more perilous, there may be a greater chance that a worker may be injured on the job. Any California worker who has to be on a roof and fears winter weather may make a job harder may want to follow the story of an out-of-state worker who recently fell through a roof on which he was working.

Fatal work injury takes life of construction worker

The construction business can be very dangerous even with a plethora of rules and regulations in place. While California construction sites are generally made as safe as possible, a work injury can still take place. This is demonstrated by a recent work injury that took the life of a man who was working on a stairwell.

Man suffers work injury after falling at brewery

Working in an industrial setting or factory that produces food or drink can involve heavy machinery and equipment that can prove dangerous under certain conditions. One recent accident that led to a work injury in California has gained attention as a worker suffered burns. The accident occurred at an Anheuser-Busch brewery in Van Nuys.

California worker is fatally injured on the job

Working on or near electrical lines is extremely dangerous. Therefore, equipment operation safety in the vicinity of high-voltage lines must be taken very seriously due to the fact that serious or fatal injuries are a very real possibility when it comes to working on or near electrical lines. Recently, a California worker was fatally injured on the job after the boom truck basket that he was in seemingly got too close to electrical lines.

Investigation after fatal California work injury leads to fines

For any industry, there are safeguards in place to protect workers. If a work injury occurs and an investigation reveals lapses or mistakes in those safeguards, a company may be fined or worse. Two companies in California are currently facing steep fines after an investigation into a fatal work injury.

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